Reporting traffic offences captured on HelmetCam?

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I’ve started riding with a helmet camera. Partially to protect myself legally, partially to film rides I do on weekends and stuff. Thankfully I haven’t been involved in an accident since I’ve had the camera, but looking back through the footage I’ve realised I capture a LOT of drivers breaking various road laws. Everything from cars stopping in bike boxes & running red lights to downright dangerous driving/hooning which has nearly caused accidents and of-course the usual Taxi behavior. Interestingly I also capture a tonne of trams running red lights lately - anyone else notice that? Maybe they’re allowed in certain circumstances?Anyway, my question is; Is it worth reporting these misdemeanors to the police, and is there any kind of submission process vicpol has for this kind of thing?I realise providing video could open myself up to prosecution too, but I’m fairly confident I ride safely and legally, so that’s not really a worry.

Please help.

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